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by Dante Herras

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(2002 Bowling Tournament)

The 2002 PICPA & Friends Bowling League is thus far the biggest and most successful bowling tournament staged by PICPA Dubai Chapter, as confirmed by Benny Tamayo, Chairman of Sports and Fellowship Committee. He based his assessment on the number of participants, donors, prizes, organization and quality of the games and performances. The euphoria among the participants … the competitiveness … the spirit of sportsmanship … and the excitement all throughout the tournament, were indeed manifestations that this year’s bowling tournament was an unprecedented success and has set a higher standard for the forthcoming editions.

It was unimaginable before the start of the league to have eight teams and occupy eight lanes at the Dubai Bowling Center, the site of this year’s tournament, as we never had so much competing teams in the past. Yours truly, though, had a different idea when we were planning it. We changed the format. Each of the teams can have as many members or occasional players as they like in any game, but only the best three handicapped scores of official team members will count as the team’s entry in the competition. This put off the pressure on the beginners as they just played calmly and leisurely, knowing that whatever score they make will not adversely affect the score of their team. All who came to play also had sure chance of playing, as there was no limit on the number of people playing for the team, walang naba-bangko. Of course, the handicapping method helped level the playing field, as there were numerous instances when the scores of newcomers and lady bowlers were the ones getting counted in the tabulation of results.

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(2002 Bowling Tournament)

During the first three weeks of the competition, Team A of Vic Aguillon, Rene Domingo, Wilma Masigon, Ging Aring and yours truly, was lording it over at the top of the team standing. However, consistently high and more balanced scoring carried Team E (Mar Magdaluyo, Bernard Cabantog, Alma Quimel, Jinky Aguillon and Redd Valdehueza) to victory, as they never looked back when they overtook Team A during the fourth round. Mga tahimik pero mapanganib. Team C of Xavier Puno, Xanthie Fronda, Rollie Picadizo, Jeune Lagua, Jun Dador and Eva Escalera finished third, but only after exerting great effort, as they were the cellar dwellers at the early stages of the tournament. After falling asleep during the first three rounds, they played like great warriors of war and almost dislodged Team A during the last two rounds, for the second place.

The regular raffle draws during the entire tournament provided additional joy and excitement to the participants, especially the mere fun seekers who also won prizes. Awards were given to the best performers while gifts went to the lucky raffle draws winners. This was made possible because of the generosity of Jerry Lorilla and yours truly (as major providers of weekly prizes during the full seven rounds of the tournament), as well as the following donors of cash and gift items - Eva Escalera, Jinky Aguillon, Josie Ricalde, Heidee Cudal, Wilma Masigon, Evelyn Jaboni, Lilian Azur, Bernard Cabantog, Mel Fernandez, Gary Faustino, Rollie Picadizo, Joey Picadizo, Digna Abaya, Ed Soriano, Vic Aguillon, Redd Valdehueza, Sana Hussein, Melanie Enarne, Raymond Binobo, Vima Rizza Buling, Marinela Martinez, Benny Tamayo, Mary Rabano, Rene Domingo, Emil Dungca, Al Rawabi, George de Leon, Alma Quimel, Swarovski and Perfume Division of Allied Enterprises.

Rapid Access, through Alma Quimel, provided the participants with white collared-shirts as uniforms, while the cost of printing were sponsored by Gary Faustino, Bernard Cabantog and Mel Fernandez. Former president Don Cruz, in loving memory of his son Iman, donated the thirty-six trophies awarded to the winners. Benny Tamayo provided the Sportsmanship trophy while Emil Dungca, Xavier Puno and Redd Valdehueza donated the PICPA logos on the trophies. Susan Flores and Rose Barrientos (who were the in-charge of administrative matters like tabulation of scores and collection of fees) received rewards from yours truly, for their assistance and full support.

It was indeed an unforgettable event…seven weeks of joy and laughter…that certainly made the participants closer to one another.

  • Champion Team - Team E - 49 points (Mar M, Bernard, Redd, Alma & Jinky)
  • 1st Runner Up - Team A - 43 points (Dante, Vic, Rene, Wilma & Ging)
  • 2nd Runner Up - Team C - 34 points (Xavier, Xanthie, Eva, Rollie, Jun & Jeune)
  • Men’s Singles Champion - Toots Bilocura
  • 1st Runner Up - Mar Magdaluyo
  • 2nd Runner Up - Mel Fernandez
  • 3rd Runner Up - Bernard Cabantog
  • 4th Runner Up - Rene Domingo
  • Ladies Singles Champion - Alma Quimel
  • 1st Runner Up - Bernadette Omalay
  • 2nd Runner Up - Josie Ricalde
  • 3rd Runner Up - Ruth Grace Barrios
  • 4th Runner Up - Jinky Aguillon
  • Highest Scratch Series (Men) - Toots Bilocura
  • Highest Handicapped Series (Men) - Mel Fernandez
  • Highest Scratch Series (Ladies) - Alma Quimel
  • Highest Handicapped Series (Ladies) - Ging Aring
  • Highest Scratch Game (Men) - Toots Bilocura
  • Highest Handicapped Game (Men) - Gary Faustino
  • Highest Scratch Game (Ladies) - Jinky Aguillon
  • Highest Handicapped Game (Ladies) - Ruth Grace Barrios
  • Sportsmanship Award - Toots Bilocura


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